Although FM20 is getting closer every day, new information about our favorite game, for now, are barely leaking to the public. However, we can say some general things, such as the release date. Traditionally, FM is released every year in early November, and so this year we can expect the game to be released in the first ten days of the month.

Also, for now, it has only been confirmed that Football Manager will be available on Google Stadia and on the Xbox Game Pass. Despite the fact that we know very little about the new version of Football Manager, Cro Manager community is fully gearing up preparing to welcome the FM20 release ready. In this regard, below we bring You the improvements we want to see in the new version of Football Manager. Immediately to mention, these are just the wishes of Cro Manager members. None of this has been confirmed from official sources, so no one should expect that everything written will be available in the new FM.

Improved Match Engine

Wishlist starts again with a same wish, stronger or more intelligent AI when there is a match in question. FM19 is one of the toughest that I have played as plug ‘n’ play tactics do not guarantee success. Now even if you have perfect tactic that provides you with a win with 4-5 goals in opponents net, AI will figure you out eventually. Your moves and lineups will be figured out and then we all are left wondering sudden drop of form.

However, the same beginner mistakes keep happening from match engine. Often, we can see how our center-backs and full-backs keep dealing with easy situations, such as taking control of the ball and distributing safely, with panic clearance straight to opposition who then executes the perfect counter-attack and scores.

Goalkeepers continue to make very costly mistakes that are more noticeable and even more frustrating when playing in 3D. Also, we often notice that players don’t respond to set instructions in defensive phase. If you set instructions to press all over the field you will see offensive players not pressing the back line causing opposing defenders to undisturbedly pass the ball between them.

Football Manager is the world’s leading manager simulation, and it’s about time to get rid of these cheap mistakes.

More active and smarter AI in transfer window

How many times have you witnessed the purchase of 33-year-old Willian by Barcelona for €90 million? How many times did you see Manchester United buying Harry Kane in second season? And how many times have you witnessed that Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka or Osijek bring in youth players that aren’t even ready to play junior, let alone senior football, or they bring senior players at the end of their careers? All of them are mostly foreigners, so after few seasons our best four clubs are filled with 95% of foreigners. I have seen that very often or in almost every save game. This needs to be urgently fixed.

It’s even more stupid when playing with an HNL club. Once you have won your first league title, your chances of winning in next seasons astronomically rises. The reason behind that lies that your competitors don’t buy new players or if they do, they are complete disasters. In a nutshell that kills the joy of playing this game. There are no more frustrations, the monotony is brought into your save, which ultimately results just into hitting the continue key. What I also want to point out is the bug that appeared in my Hajduk save. Namely, despite taking 4 consecutive league titles and even winning Europa League and European Super Cup in the last season, I received exactly ZERO bids for my players. To make matters worse, ZERO of my players was wanted by other clubs. I also had 2 wonderkids on the team, but other clubs didn’t find them interesting. A little too unrealistic.

While we’re still on the transfers, let mi mention a few more things. I am also annoyed by situations when in, for example, in Benfica I find a promising young player that is 16-17 years old, whose value is €20k. I offer €200k, but Benfica askes €70 million for him. I mean, let’s be just a little bit realistic.

And then there is a situation where another club is asking me, for example, €70 million for some of its first teamers. I’m not prepared to pay it and end my interest, and then he goes to PSG for €20 million in 2 days!? Do you see how many things are wrong with transfers?

3D graphics enhancement

There are two types of FM players. One-club players and journeyman. Let’s first touch the first group that I belong to.

When playing with one club for a long while, you can’t always count on spending millions for some players and thus having a good team year after year. Especially if you play with weaker leagues, HNL for example. Your reputation will be low and you will not be able to attract the best players. Even if some were interested, they are much more likely to, if they have an option between Hajduk and Tottenham, go to Tottenham. Although both clubs are losers, but let’s leave it for another article. That is exactly why we must think about youth academies.

In the last few months I have had the opportunity to play HNL with several other Cro Manager members and we all had the same problem. Although we were constantly investing and improving our youth academies, whether through improving the pitch, new heads of youth developments, the best youth coaches, etc., we all had a similar problem. When it comes to youth intake day we simply get regens with very bad potential. And then it becomes impossible to play this kind of saves.

Isn’t it logical that clubs with greater reputation in the league (Dinamo, Hajduk, Osijek, Rijeka) will find it easier to attract youth talents from e.g. Croatia? So how is it possible for me to get a player with a maximum of 4-star potentials for 5 consecutive seasons in each youth intake? Well, Hajduk, whatever the on-field results were, still produced the likes of Pasalic, Vlasic, Lovre Kalinic, Nejasmic and Palaversa. Precisely because Hajduk still enjoys the reputation it has gained in Croatia in the past, so most children from Dalmatia will still want to train in Hajduk and not in RNK Split. The same goes for the other 3 big clubs.

It would also be a good idea to coordinate youth intakes with the success of the national team, especially for the small nations. England, Germany, France, Italy and other big footballing nations will always have good regens, and that’s logical. They have a large population and are extremely strong in football, so all children will choose football for their first sport. But small countries such as Croatia still have problems here. That is why I think it would be good if, for example, Croatia and other small countries make a notable result in FM at the World Cup or EUROs, that the next few seasons enjoy a growing reputation and popularity of football by giving their clubs better regen than they did last season. Because in the end, everyone looks up to their idols and wants to be like them.

More realistic careers

Now let’s touch on the players who change clubs during one save game. A lot of them start literally from scratch. No license and reputation to the lowest, so they trying to break through to the top of the football pyramid.

Today a lot of new coaches start by leading juniors, u23s or reserve teams of a club. Over time they either get the opportunity to lead the seniors of that club or go to another club to lead the seniors. Sinisa Orescanin, for example. So why not make it possible in FM as well. Make it possible to lead the juniors, u23s and reserve teams of all clubs.

Secondly, growing your reputation as a coach should be more realistic. Let us now take the example of Jurgen Klopp. After Mainz Klopp led Borussia Dortmund for 7 years. It was an exceptionally successful 7 years during which he won the Bundesliga twice, once the German Cup and Super Cup, and played the Champions League final.

His last season on the Borussia bench began with a Super Cup win, but that season afterwards went into disaster. They finished seventh in the Bundesliga, lost the Cup in the final, and have said goodbye to the Champions League in the quarter-finals. And yet Liverpool hired Jurgen because he is a top strategist, and in real life, one season doesn’t mean much if you had 6 great seasons before.

In FM, it’s a different thing. If Klopp had all that happened in FM, he would probably have gotten an offer from Fulham, Southampton or Newcastle after Dortmund, as his reputation in the game would have fallen drastically after one bad season. It doesn’t work that way in the real world, so things have to be fixed in the game as well.


Although we doubt that someone will change something in the game based on our wish list, it’s always nice to see end users thinking about developing our favorite game. That’s why we invite you to express your wishes. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Discord. It doesn’t matter where, we just want to hear your opinion.