Behind us, and especially the people who run Tottenham, is a sleepless night. Last night we received information that Mauricio Pochettino was leaving the Spurs bench. Earlier this morning, news came that new coach Jose Mourinho had signed a three-and-a-half year contract.

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Although Pochettino achieved good results with Tottenham in the previous period and only a few months ago played in the Champions League final, poor season entry and only 14 points from 12 games, but also a bad impression and atmosphere around the club, led to the dismissal.

As a replacement comes Jose Mourinho who, although a high-profile coach who has won all the big trophies, is a big gamble. His career, after the trophy upon his return to Chelsea, seems to be on decline. Can the Portuguese regain his reputation over time in Tottenham? We will ask Football Manager 2020.

Starting position – Jose Mourinho on a path to the top

Jose Mourinho

In our simulation, Jose Mourinho will sit on the Tottenham bench from the start of the 2019/20 season. We will simulate “on holiday” for three seasons and make an overview of the results below.

2019/20 Season – Tottenham without a big result

Tottenham - transferi
Tottenham - Premiership
Tottenham - bestXI

Although they give Mourinho a high salary, Tottenham continued its savings policy during the transfer window. They ended up just under €30m negative balance. Such a policy resulted in the further absence of trophies.

In the Premier League they were only 3 points less than the champions, which was enough for only third place. In European competitions and English cups they didn’t come even close to fighting for trophies. The farthest they went in the FA Cup where they reached the quarterfinals.

2020/21 Season – Failure

Tottenham - Transferi
Tottenham - BestXI
Tottenham - BestXI

More money was spent before the start of the second season, but it’s still nowhere near the sums spent by European rich clubs. €75m spent.

Jose Mourinho was fired in January and the Spurs finished sixth, far from the top five. They stayed away from the trophies in the cups, so breaking up with the coach was inevitable.

Conclusion: Jose Mourinho has proven to be a failure

Tottenham had to pull deep into his pocket to change coaches. They paid a high severance pay to Pochettino and made Mourinho the second highest paid coach in the world. Expectations are high because of this, but Football Manager 2020 anticipates a big fail.

Over the 18 months on the Tottenham bench, Mourinho’s greatest success was third place in the Premiership. In the Champions League the best standings was 1st knockout round. That wasn’t enough and he got fired. It looks like Mourinho’s career is steeply going down.

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