• Hrvatski

The most important thing for our Board is to maintain the best yout system in the country. That is one of my Main goals, so is was happy to sign that. The other thing is just a remainder that we can’t sign any non-Basque players. From our 5-year plan, you can see that Board wants us to qualify for the Europa League this season and for Champions League in the seasons to come. I’m sure we can achieve that and I’m also happy because winning Primeira is not the no. 1 of our goals.


This is the tactic we started our season and been defeated in the first match against Real Madrid away. But we played really well, so I’m looking forward to use this tactic in the games to come. My only dilemma for now is to play Aduriz or Williams up the front, but the time will tell me the answer.

In the next report I’ll show you our transfers. Also, you’ll se results from july (friendly matches) and from august and september (competitive matches). Until then, stay tuned. Aupa Athletic!

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Here we go again! Last year when I was playing with Bilbao it didn't

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