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Here we go again! Last year when I was playing with Bilbao, it didn’t last long, just for one and a half season. Now, it’s time to try again, but in a different report concept. I know long texts are boring to read, so in my reports I’ll post mostly SS’, and a little bit of text about them. Also, this year I’ll write a report after every one or two months in the game, depending on number of matches. Now, let’s say something about club and my career goals.

Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Club, also commonly known as Athletic Bilbao (Basque: Bilboko Athletic Kluba / Spanish: Athletic Club de Bilbao), is a professional football club based in the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country (Spain). They are known as Los Leones (The Lions) because their stadium was built near a church called San Mamés (Saint Mammes).

Athletic have won La Liga on eight occasions, fourth most in the history of the league. In the table of Copa del Rey titles, Athletic is second only to Barcelona, having won it 23 times. The club also has one of the most successful women’s teams in Spain, which has won five championships in the Primera División Femenina.

The club is known for its cantera policy of bringing young Basque players through the ranks, as well as recruiting players from other Basque clubs like Joseba Etxeberria and Javi Martínez. Athletic’s official policy is signing professional players native to or trained in football in the greater Basque Country, which includes BiscayGipuzkoaÁlava and Navarre (in Spain); and LabourdSoule and Lower Navarre (in France).


Main goals:

  • maintain the best youth system in the country
  • have the best possible staff in the country (especially coaches)
  • every year develope a few young players for the first team

Results goals:

  • try to secure Europa League or Champions league qualification in the first season
  • play European football in seasons to come
  • try to win the league in the 5 seasons
  • B team become more competitive

In this save focus will be on Main goals. Because we can only buy Basque players, the most of our transfer budget will be invested in the training and youth facilities. And that’s all for now. In the next report I’ll tell you more about our Club Vision and tactics. Stay tuned. Aupa Athletic!

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