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It’s been a while since I wrote my last serious FM career. I used to write this type of content really often. You can find all of those careers on the Cro-Manager forum. I started writing my last serious FM career, called German Empire, in February 2017, playing FM17. Last year, there were attempts to write new careers, but because of the lack of time, it took a short time.

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Why HNK Gorica?

There’s no need to write much about it. I would like to refer you to another text where I wrote a recommendation why you should play a career with Gorica.

Immediately after joining among the best Croatian clubs, HNK Gorica established itself as a stable first league team. They did not, as is the case with most new first-leaguers, have experienced the fight to stay, but have already ended up as the best Croatian club outside the Big Four.

In addition, leaders have high ambitions.

Club Vision

gorica - club vision

Management has set the goal of securing a spot in the middle of the table of the First HNL and placement in the quarterfinals of the Croatian Cup. That shouldn’t be a problem. The top four clubs (Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka and Osijek) do not seem to be reachable yet, but I expect a fight for fifth place with Lokomotiva. This will be important due to the fact that the fifth place provides qualifications for the Europa League.

Despite the fact that signing a young players isn’t a primary goal, management has indicated that they prefers to have a large number of young players on the team.

Personal targets


  • retaining the ‘best of the rest’ status, ie. being the best placed club not counting the top four Croatian clubs
  • retaining the club’s best players
  • improving the quality of coaching staff
  • setting up a scouting department (in FM, Gorica doesn’t have a single scout)


  • building the best club in Croatia and the region*
  • establishing a top scouting department in the countries of the region * which would allow us to become a focal point for all young talents from these countries
  • regularly winning the Croatian Championship and playing in the group stage of European competitions

* countries of the region: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and Hungary

Career-ending goal

  • winning one of the European titles (Champions League, Europa League or European Conference League)*

* meeting the end goal would mean the end of career

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